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  • There’s so much more to see at the new website!

    After 4 years as Ribbons & Bluebirds, I made the decision to change the name of the company and make everything more personal. I'm happy to introduce my new company name: Jenn Heller Design Co.

    Please visit my new website for information about my custom wedding stationery, and fun new goods like portraits and architectural watercolors!

    Go to www.jennhellerdesign.com for more!

About Jenn

Hi, it’s so nice to meet you!

Ribbons & Bluebirds was born from a lifelong obsession with paper coming into contact with the intensity of a bride-to-be.  My husband and I began planning our wedding in 2010, and right from the beginning I went a little crazy over the invitations.  With a some help from my dad (OK, a lot of help) we even went so far as to construct  our own homemade letterpress to print them on.  I carried that enthusiasm into the rest of the preparations for the wedding, lovingly hand-assembling programs and creating menus, anniversary message cards, thank you notes… maybe I went a little overboard, but I enjoyed myself!

After the wedding we settled into married life, but I knew I needed to continue working with paper and design.  So I opened up a shop on Etsy, and before I knew what was happening I had more work in the first two months than I was expecting for a whole year!  Luckily, I absolutely love working with clients to discover exactly what they want in a stationery suite.  It is the best feeling in the world to hear that my designs are exactly what they had imagined, or better.

My designs tend to have a “traditional” flair, but I love to work in all kinds of styles and techniques.  I learned to watercolour and create architectural drawings at university, and I love being able to incorporate either into my work.

Some fun facts about me:

♦   I have a degree in architecture, from one of the few universities in the US focused on traditional designs & methods.

♦   Notice that little “u” in watercolour?  I’m a proud Canadian, living in Washington, DC.

♦   I love lists.  Love ’em.  Now if only I had enough time to cross everything off…. I think about a 36 hour day would do it.

♦   I met my husband when we were both sixth graders.  I “married” him as part of a school budget project when I was 13.

♦   HGTV is an addiction of mine – I have a deep love for DIY and home renovation.

♦   I have a Chow / Terrier mix named Ezio (Etsy-oh), who might be the greatest dog of all time. 

♦   My cat Kerrigan is OK too, although she loses points for shedding twice as much as the dog while being a quarter of his size.  And the fact that she talked us into getting a rowdy kitten, who now terrorizes my office…

♦   I lose things.  Now that I know this, I’ve taken steps to compensate!

♦   Photography is a major hobby of mine, one that I’ve been pursuing since I was young.  

♦   Now let’s add them together: I lost my first camera in Holland on vacation when I was 4.

♦   In the time it took me to write this, I consumed 3 (giant) cups of tea.

♦   I love to travel! I spent an academic year living in Rome, and lived in London for almost two years for my first job.  Still secretly pining for Paris to complete the trifecta of great European cities.

♦   I’ve been colouring my hair, off and on, since I was in the eighth grade.  I really was meant to be a redhead.

♦   I love (parenthetical) expressions & ampersands.  I use both frequently.

For more information, get in touch!
Photo of Jenn by Abby Grace Photography.